Boost up your gaming performance with the x93-boost. 

We start with the AMD 3600 which is probably the best bang-for buck processor on the market today.  If you're in the know, you're probably wondering why not the 3600X?  Because it benchmarks at pretty much the same and if you opt for one of our cooling packages, the 3600 can deliver superior performance anyway.  That way we save you a few dollarydoos.  You're welcome.

The heart of the x93-boost is an ASUS B550 chipset M-ATX board - no 400 series shortcuts here.  Just up-to date performance because we want to make sure your machine is not only fantastic now - but future proof and with PCIe Gen 4 support.

We've also opted for a nice, hefty 850W power supply making this system nVidia 30-series ready with a little headroom. 

We build this all into a Cougar MX350 Mid-Tower case with a tempered glass side panel to show off your gear and a smoked front panel with twin RGB fans behind. 

Windows 10 Home comes pre-installed.  Activated.  With a proper license.  Because nothing sus.

Full build specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core, 12 thread 3.6GHz processor (4.2GHz boost clock)
ASUS PRIME B550 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 16GB Dual Channel RAM (2 x 8GB)
Western Digital 500GB NVMe Solid State Drive
Western Digital 1TB 7200rpm Hard Disk Drive
ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX1660 Super
Cougar 850W 80+ Bronze Modular Power Supply
Cougar MX350 Mid-Tower Case with 2x 120mm RGB fans
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Wi-Fi networking included


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The images are a representation and may contain optional extras and/or discontinued components.



The x93-boost is a great base to build on - and build on it we have.  Why not pick out one (or a few!) of our option packages to give it just a bit more of a.... boost?


Storage +

Photo and video editing?  Just like to hang on to stuff?  Is the cloud a conspiracy?  Then you need some more storage!  We've built two options for the x93-boost.  The first is to upgrade to a 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Pro NVMe and that's a great option, it's a solid, reliable, fast drive.  One of the benefits of the B550 board, though, is that it supports PCIe version 4.0. So that means we can go for a gen 4 NVMe.  Say hello to the AORUS Gen4 1TB.  Think transfer speeds and load times so fast you'll actually drink less coffee.  Because you just won't have the time.  So we're looking after your health as well.

Both options also come with a 2TB Western Digital Black HDD.


Serious gaming performance needs a serious graphics card.  For 1440p or 1080p triples, you definitely want to tick one of these boxes - for 4K, you want the 30 series.

The new nVidia Ampere 30 series graphics cards are some of the most anticipated hardware releases we can remember in all our years of PC building.  We've done some initial testing on the RTX3070 and it's awesome.  Better than a 2080Ti.  Can it run Crysis?  Oh yeh.  Microsoft Flight Simulator?  It's gorgeous on one of these things.  In the words of the great philosopher Bueller, "It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

*Please note - availability of 30 series cards will result in a longer than normal lead time.



16GB is a lot of RAM.  32GB is better.  It's even better when it's Corsair Vengeance PRO..  It even has RGB bits on the spine of the heatsink.  Pretty.


Cooling +

Improving the cooling of your system is necessary if you want to make it look... cool.  More importantly cooling helps maximise its potential.  The ASUS motherboards come with tuning utilities that will automatically boost the performance of your machine if its not overheating, so adding some cooling is a great way to get that bit more performance.  With these packages we'll pre-tune the setup for you to ensure you're getting a great result.

Upgrade to exceptional thermal management with a water cooler.  Not the type you stand around in the office, the type that keeps your hot bits chilly.  But then you would stand around this thing in your office because it looks so damn noice.  But it's not just about the looks.  Water moves more heat than air can.  That's why your car has water in it.  The Corsair H100i Pro with 240mm radiator is one of the best coolers out there.  Period.  We also add in 3 120mm Cougar RGB case fans as well.  Because fans.



RGB fans and details are cool.  Tempered glass side panels for clear vision of all that beastly hardware goodness are sweet.  But they're not for everyone.

If you have 'unwanted oversight' or you need to be just a bit incognito about what you're showing off, we offer you a stealth option.  We'll take the same hardware and build it into a super high-quality Corsair Carbide 275Q Silent case.  A beautiful, under-the-radar black box.  It's the perfect way to keep your accountant or minister for war and finance off your tail.