Do you have something of your own in mind?  Would you like to make a tweak or two or get us to build you something out of this world?

That's totally cool.  We can build a PC to just about any specification on request.  From specific parts to custom open loop water cooling - get in touch for personalised one on one service with Sam our PC builder who will consult with you on every step of the way. 

Our stock policy is light, so other than what we already have pre built into machines or what we've snapped up because supply is tight we order our stock on demand - so we won't push you one way or the other to suit our own diabolical ends - it's just you and the machine you want.

Our custom PCs are costed out at our parts cost - so there's no hidden mark-up.  Our build fee starts at $100 and will vary based on the complexity of the build.

Get in touch and you'll have your dream build in no time!