ASUS TUF nVidia RTX3080 arrives at 93 PC

The nVidia RTX3080 is one of the most highly anticipated hardware releases we can remember and the launch of the card was a massive shock as demand way outstripped supply!  There has been a massive increase in PC gaming in 2020 with the COVID saga, but this is totally unprecedented!

So we were totally stoked when our first ASUS TUF GAMING 10G RTX3080 arrived right on time.  It'll be going into an Intel-based x93-overboost that will be available for purchase very shortly!

No capacitor issues with this one, this is one of the reasons we just LOVE ASUS gear.

All retail ASUS TUF Gaming and ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 graphics cards use only MLCC capacitors for...

Posted by ASUS on Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Our supply of RTX3080s is super limited and word from our supplier is that it may stay that way for longer than we'd like.  If you're interested in one of these cards, we'll get it for you as soon as we can, however the wait time will definitely be longer than our usual lead time unless it's already in one of our ready-built systems.



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